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Akbar Allahabadi (???? ?????????) (16 November 1846- 15 February 1921) born as Syed Akbar Hussain popularly known as Akbar Allahabadi, in other words.

Akbar Allahabdi born on 16 November 1846 in a small town Bara situated 11 miles from Allahabad. His ancestors were originally from Persia. His father Moulvi Tafazzul Hussain served in British Empire as Naib Tehsildar.

Early Education

Akbar Allahabadi took his early education by his father at home only during 1855-56 thereafter he got admitted in Jamuna Mission School for English Educatioin but he left the school in the year 1859.

Firstly, Akbar got a master named Waheed who was a younger lawyer in the court of Atish who taught Akbar about the specifics of Law. Moreover, Akbar continued to learn English and started reading more regularly.

Early Life

Akbar Allahabadi was of rebellious nature by birth. He strongly remained against conservatism and religious hypocrisy and used to sharpen satire on such tendencies among his lions.

He saw the first freedom struggle of 1857 and witnessed to the freedom movement started under Gandhiji and followed the path paved by him.

Career prospects

After leaving school, Akbar accepted a job of Clerk in the Railway Engineering Department. While in service Akbar Allahabadi continued to learn Law and its specifics. Eventually this learning helped him to pass the qualifying exam for becoming a Barrister. Akbar subsequently worked as a Tehsildar and a Munsif.

After that, Akbar became a Session Court Judge and retired from the same post. His extraordinary work as a Session Judge brought him a title of “Khan Bahadur” by the British Government to commemorate his excellence judiciary services. He continued his writing in addition to working as a Judget.

Popular Poetry and Ghazal of Akbar Allahabadi

  1. Hungama Hai Kyoon Barpa Thodi Si Jo Pee Li Hai
  2. Duniya Me Hoon Duniya Ka Talabgar Nahi Hoon
  3. Aankhen Talwon Se Wo Malne Nahi Dete


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