Ravi Bhattacharya born as Tejendra Nath on 31 March 1975 in Delhi, India. His father P.K. Bhattacharya was a dead honest government employee and his mother Meera Bhattacharya was a housewife who earlier was born in West Bengal came in Delhi in 1974 after her marriage.

Family Background

Ravi Bhattacharya belongs to an economically weak family. His father was a dead honest person and has never done any unethical work during his tenure in government job.

His mother was a simple housewife who learnt Hindi after coming to Delhi. Thereafter, she not only started giving tuition in Hindi but also held mastery in Hindi language. It was his mother who taught Ravi Hindi with ample knowledge of grammar.

Passion for Writing

Ravi?s father used to read Suspense Thriller Novels and that is why he gets chance to start reading those novels at early very early age. This is perhaps the most appropriate reason behind his thought of becoming a writer.
Ravi Bhattacharya wrote a full length novel when he was in class 8th. However, unfortunately her mother used the manuscripts (notebooks) for cooking food in fireplace (Angeethi or Chulha).


After his schooling from a government school Ravi opted for giving home tuitions for some pocket money. He continued his graduation through distant learning while giving home tuitions.

Ravi gets motivated when one of his articles got place in a leading Newspaper.

Ravi Bhattacharya-Writer, Lyricist, Poet
Ravi Bhattacharya

Soon Ravi accepted the home tuition job as a full time career until he gets government job. While in government job he did not leave her writing mania however, he had no source to publish it.

Here Ravi Bhattacharya started social media platform to publish his posts later he made his own website to publish his own writing work. He also allows other people, especially novice writers, to send their writing works to him for publishing the same on his website.

Lyrics written by Ravi Bhattacharya

Dilli Di Kudi ? Itme / Dance number

Mujhe Pyar De  – Romantic Sensuous Song

Saare Rishte Saare Naate ? Sad Song

Some popular Hindi Poems of

Ghazal Shayari

Mohabbat Ka Gumaan

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